EDIdEv - Electronic Data Interchange Development

About EDIdEv

Established: August 9, 1999

EDIdEv LLC is a small, privately held, software company with a mission to create cost-effective and easy means of EDI communication.  We believe that EDI should make transactions between companies easier and not harder; more economical and not more exorbitant, more dependable and not more questionable.

We were established on August 9,1999 in Burbank Los Angeles, California after the completion of our flagship product, Framework EDI - the first ActiveX/COM that parses, constructs, secures and validates X12 and UN/EDIFACT EDI files.  Framework EDI is an inexpensive tool that facilitates EDI application development and implementation.  Other than providing the software tool for EDI development, we also provide expert consulting and training to help you create your own EDI solution quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

We have sold over a thousand licenses to customers ranging from individual consultants to Fortune 500 companies and government institutions.  Our customers span across the world from the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

The company, with a core group of four programmers, is set up as a virtual company; and in concert with a complete and marketable product, the company runs very efficiently with very little overhead.

We will continue to be aggressive in our pursuit for better solutions to challenges met by businesses using EDI technology.  It is our goal to make EDI be, what it should be...efficient.

Contact Info:
   email:  sales@edidev.com  
   mailbox:   263 W. Olive Avenue #357, Burbank, CA 91502, U.S.A.